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  • Real Estate Buyers & Agents: when you would like to discuss the property with an Engineer, we'll review our 3,400+ data points from other homes in the area, any 3rd party reports & chat about your observations in order to help advise on high level decisions.  Note: Book Nathan in the Bay Area & Tim for San Diego.

  • Homeowners: when you have a condition that you'd like to learn more about remotely first vs. jumping straight to an onsite inspection.  Note: Pick any of the consultants below who you feel would best match up with your concern.


$99 / 15 min Session

About me:

  • Co-Founder & Co-CEO BEAR

  • Licensed Professional Civil Engineer (CA, HI, CO, NV)

  • 2,000+ Onsite foundation & drainage inspections

  • 1,000+ Onsite home inspections

  • 15 years of design experience

  • Past homeowner in CO & HI

What I can help with:

  • Foundation, drainage & seismic conditions in the Bay Area

  • Home buying guidance overall including Home Inspection Report review

  • Contractor quote evaluation

  • Bay Area contractor recommendations

Customer feedback:

  • "Nathan provided very useful insights regarding the inspection findings....Thanks to Nathan we feel much more informed and able to make the best decision possible. Highly recommend!" - Ankur, Sunnyvale


About me:

  • 10+ years of residential property management

  • 15+ years of home troubleshooting & repairs


$79 / 15 min Session

What I can help with:

  • General home trouble shooting

  • Home plumbing & electrical guidance

  • Water intrusion mitigation guidance

  • Home preventative maintenance programs

Customer feedback:

  • “I didn't know who to call for each of the different home issues that kept coming up over the years, so my list kept growing, and I hated the thought of all of the time it would take to find people who were really good for each project….Hemory is great at communicating, extremely professional, and he works so efficiently” - Rebecca, Menlo Park


About me:

  • Licensed Professional Civil Engineer (CA)

  • Homeowner in San Diego

  • MS in Civil/Environmental Engineering

What I can help with:

  • Foundation, drainage, seismic, & soil conditions in the San Diego Area

  • Contractor quote evaluation

  • San Diego foundation contractor recommendations


$99 / 15 min Session

Customer feedback:

  • “Tim is SO knowledgeable! He was an excellent source for information and recommendations. He was able to describe what was done originally, what changes had been made over the years, and what should be done for seismic retrofit work to bring it up to current code… professional, responsive, thorough, communicative, and kind. A++ recommendation all around.”  -Kirsten, San Diego

How It Works...

Screenshot 2023-05-18 at 11.25.26 AM.png

Our Mission: EVERYONE has SOMEONE they TRUST when it comes to their HOME.

Trust = Competence + Character.  Competence - we only partner with true experts in their field as evidenced by their education & experience. Character - since we are fully independent and do not profit from any design or repair services we can remain 100% unbiased and fully on YOUR side.

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