Foundation Stabilization Design 

Foundation Stabilization Design Report - Purpose & Scope:

  • The purpose is to provide homeowners with the objective data and engineering design such that they can make an educated decision regarding foundation stabilization options for their home. Common causes of foundation movement and/or cracking are considered which include:

    • weak soils

    • poor fill compaction

    • changes in moisture content

    • lateral sliding/soil creep

    • insufficient footers

    • soil consolidation

    • seismic activity

    • soil compaction

    • impact from adjacent trees

    • soil erosion

    • poor construction


  • After reviewing all possible causes, of which multiple ones could be contributing, a professional opinion is presented based on years of relevant experience and subject to limitations associated with visual inspections. 

  • The basics of our standard Foundation & Drainage Inspection are included for the applicable areas along with the following additional engineering design related items, as applicable, are then performed and documented in a written report:​​

    • Foundation Plan & Stabilization Design Drawings (w/ multiple options if applicable)​

    • Engineering Design Calculation Results

    • Landslide Hazard Review

    • Foundation Depth Spot Check

    • Rebar Spot Check

  • Licensed Professional Engineer (P.E.), Civil Engineering, CA #92336

  • 2,500+ foundation inspections performed since 2010

  • Engineer-of-record for foundation & retaining wall projects since 2013

  • 24 years of overall engineering or inspection experience

Foundation Stabilization Design Report Pricing:

  • Contact us for a quote

Engineering Services for Permitting & Construction:

  • If you decide to move forward with the project, our total engineering fees range from 5% to 15% depending on the size of the project (a quote will be provided at that stage).


  • Some jurisdictions & situations will require a soils report prior to the start or completion of the process outlined above and we can provide referrals to the appropriate firms for pricing & timing.

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