Foundation & Drainage Inspection 




Foundation Analysis:

An objective diagnosis of foundation movement and/or cracking and the associated indications observed on other building components such as walls, floors & ceilings.  Tools used for this include floor elevation checks, visual examination and non-destructive probing.  Common causes of foundation movement and/or cracking are considered which include:

  • weak soils

  • poor fill compaction

  • changes in moisture content

  • lateral sliding/soil creep

  • insufficient footers

  • soil consolidation

  • seismic activity

  • soil compaction

  • impact from adjacent trees

  • soil erosion

  • poor construction

  • concrete spalling  


After reviewing all possible causes, of which multiple ones could be contributing, a professional opinion is presented based on years of relevant experience and subject to limitations associated with visual inspections. 


Retaining Walls:

Relevant retaining walls are examined for movement and/or cracking in a similar way to the foundation with common contributing factors discussed above.



An analysis is performed around the structure relative to possible impacts on the foundation since water is often times at the root cause of foundation issues.


Seismic / Earthquake

We perform a review of the current degree of seismic risk mitigation for the foundation system relative to the age of the structure and practices at the time of construction.  Note: the inspection is not a full seismic analysis or a design of the retrofit solutions but rather an overall picture of the current condition and steps that could be taken to further mitigate the risks with resources provided to learn more and take additional steps if desired.


Repair Cost Opinion & Resources:

Based on our years of experience specializing in residential foundation & drainage issues, I will provide my opinion on the probable cost ranges to repair but then refer clients to licensed contractors specializing in the area of concern for cost estimates.  For repair items which are costly, it is recommended that quotes be obtained from multiple licensed contractors to compare quotes. 

Discussion & Reporting:

We discuss the findings onsite at the time of the inspection in a way that can be easily understood by all.  All key findings or groups of findings are documented in the written report with color pictures and a discussion of the findings. The goal is to have the report completed the same day.

Owner/Principal Engineer Qualifications
  • Licensed Professional Engineer (P.E.), Civil Engineering, CA #92336

  • 2,000+ foundation inspections performed since 2010

  • Engineer-of-record for 120+ foundation & retaining wall projects

  • 24 years of overall engineering or inspection experience

  • ASHI Certified Home Inspector (#251819)

  • Note: Owner reviews & approves all reports, on-site inspectors can be found on 'About Us'


Bay Area Pricing​​​​​ 

  • $650:  under 1,500 sqft

  • $695:  1,500 sqft to  2,000 sqft

  • $750:  2,001 sqft to 2,500 sqft

  • $795:  2,501 sqft to 3,000 sqft

  • $850: 3,001 sqft to 3,500 sqft

  • $895: 3,501 sqft to 4,000 sqft

  • email for quote on larger properties


Pricing Adjustments:

  • Age: $+50 Properties built prior to 1930 

  • Reporting:

    • $0 within 3-5 business days

    • $+50 within 24 hours

    • $+100 next-day

    • $-$50 verbal only

  • Distance: See Coverage Area & Travel Cost

  • # of Structures: $+100 per additional structure/unit

  • Slab-on-grade: $-$50

San Diego Area Pricing​​​​​ 

  • $550: under 2000 sqft

  • $595:  2,001 sqft to 2,500 sqft

  • $650:  2,501 sqft to 3,000 sqft

  • $695: 3,001 sqft to 3,500 sqft

  • $750: 3,501 sqft to 4,000 sqft

  • Travel Distance Charge

    • $+50 North of​ Hwy 76 or East of Ramona/El Cajon

    • $+100 Outside of S.D. County



  • We'll email an invoice via SQUARE which can be paid online (no additional fees)

  • Payment is due before the written report is emailed back

  • Checks are also accepted, made out to "BEAR Engineering"

Sample Reports

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Bay Area Coverage Area & Travel Cost